Marvellous Megabeasts!

Discover the wonderful world of Australian megafauna!

In Marvellous Megabeasts! two performers tell the stories of the real-life giants that inhabited Australia, and unlike the dinosaurs, lived right alongside and interacted with humans!

Get students excited about Australian fauna by exploring real, fascinating, and largely unknown creatures that may have inspired dreamtime stories, as well as more contemporary myths such as the bunyips and drop bears!

Students will be delighted by tales of a wombat the size of a hippo, a giant flightless duck, the carnivorous kangaroo and the unicorn turtle; while learning about Australian animals, Aboriginal cultures and perspectives, biology, history and geography.

Using theatre, circus, puppetry and comedy, this show has been designed to be adapted for all age groups. Created by the team behind the award-winning show ‘Dinosaur Time Machine’, Marvellous Megabeasts! promises to be fun, interactive, entertaining and wild!


Duration 50 minutes +10 minute Q&A
Maximum 300 students per session
Performance space 4m x 4m
Access to a power outlet required

Curriculum Links

KLA’S: The Arts, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences

General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capabilities, Ethical Understandings, Intercultural

Conventions and Styles: Physical theatre, clowning, circus

Themes/Concepts: Biology, megafauna, Aboriginal culture and histories


  • $8 per student +GST
  • A minimum charge of $800 +GST per performance (equivalent to 100 students)

All of our performances are the same price for all regions. We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about providing quality Arts experiences to all Queensland students, so if your school has less than 100 students, please consider combining with another school or contact the Youth Touring team to discuss your options.

Full Terms and Conditions

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Director: Elena Kirschbaum
Produced by: Youth Touring and Highwire Events and Entertainment
Created by: Elena Kirschbaum, Malia Walsh

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