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Transforming lives and communities through music

Queensland Music Festival (QMF) is a state-wide celebration of musical excellence with an international reputation and an unparalleled geographic reach.

We collaborate with the best of local, national and international talent to bring a broad tapestry of music to Queenslanders from all walks of life, in Brisbane and in regional and remote centres from the Torres Strait to the Gold Coast. Since 1999 the Festival has engaged audiences of more than one million people through projects in more than 100 regions across the State.

QMF has redefined the traditional festival model to engage deeply with communities over time, igniting artistic potential and leaving a lasting legacy. In collaboration with councils and communities, QMF inspires participation in music-making and performances that reflect local culture and tell local stories.

The Festival has received national recognition for recent projects involving large-scale engagement and community participation. These include the World’s Biggest Orchestra in Brisbane, Boomtown in Gladstone, Behind The Cane in Bowen, Ailan Kores on Thursday Island, the Cape York Instrumental Project in Aurukun, Hopevale and Coen, Heart of an Open Country in Tambo and the establishment of the Yarrabah Band Festival and revival of the Yarrabah Brass Band in Far North Queensland.

At QMF, we seek to deepen and broaden our partner relationships for the benefit of all of our stakeholders. Our vision is to transform lives through unforgettable musical experiences. Partnering with QMF presents an opportunity to support this extraordinary vision, inspiring communities and creating lasting impacts across the State.

QMF has recently been announced as the State Coordination Office for the new Regional Arts Services Network. The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.  The Regional Arts Services Network is a new approach to the delivery of statewide arts services. Queensland Music Festival has been appointed as the State Coordination Office.

Covering Queensland

Since 1999 QMF has worked in 82 locations across Queensland and as the largest music festival by land mass in the world. We offer our partners choice, flexibility and access to a wide range of key target audiences.

The Festival delivers spectacular community engagement projects of the highest standard. With a stated approach to create projects with communities, for communities and by communities, we invest the time needed to engage with people in remote areas and build a strong foundation of trust, skills and communication. These elements combine powerfully to achieve musical excellence, cultural significance and community impact.

Our feedback and evaluation attests that, alongside a continually growing national profile, the Festival is achieving significant outcomes for audiences, communities and stakeholders across the State.

Excellence & Accessibility

The scope of our projects reflects the sheer size of Queensland. Achieving accessibility and excellence in equal measure is demanding, exciting and challenging. QMF achieves this by working with the world’s best musicians and teaching artists wherever the Festival operates.

Partnerships are central to realising the aspirations of communities throughout Queensland. QMF and our partners share a collective vision to make a difference to the quality of life in Queensland.

Organisational Environment

Queensland Music Festival is a unique state-wide festival that forms a major part of the festival calendar of Queensland.

QMF presents new musical works inspired by Queensland’s heritage and partnerships, and developed in collaboration with communities across the state. The partnerships we cultivate provide the platform for exciting commissioning opportunities and innovative programs.

QMF is managed under the board of trustees by an Executive Director, with the program devised under the direction of the Artistic Director, with the undertaking to present a biennial state-wide festival with associated legacy-development initiatives.

Our mission to produce and promote a biennial festival that achieves both international excellence and accessibility for Queenslanders from all walks of life.

Our vision is to transform lives through unforgettable musical experiences.


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NB: The above financial information is available online from 2014 onwards. Previous statements are only accessible in hard copy by contacting Queensland Music Festival.

Terms & Conditions of Sale and Entry

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Terms & Conditions of Sale and Entry

Information for patrons with individual needs

QMF is dedicated to being welcoming, accessible and inclusive. For Patrons with individual needs, we strongly encourage you to contact the office on (07) 3010 6600.

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