Saxon Wind Philharmonic

Saxon Wind Philharmonic

For more than half a century the Saxon Wind Philharmonic has been building on a rich heritage as the only ensemble among German symphony orchestras which is specialized in and well known for this repertoire. In 2010 the 60th birthday of the ensemble was marked with a major jubilee concert.

The Saxon Wind Philharmonic performs in many different instrumental combinations. These range from small, flexible wind ensembles to serenade instrumentation (implying incidental music performed at night) all the way to a full orchestra. In this way the artistic possibilities of concertante wind ensemble literature can be comprehensively displayed. Lively interpretations faithful to the original along with instrumental perfection guarantee great success with audiences, and ducument the high artistic standard the ensemble sets for itself. The ensembles own academy, founded in 1995, documents the pädagogical ethos of the wind ensemble and their commitment to sustainability.

The year 2011 will bring no less than three important milestones for the ensemble: On January 1st the official term of office of the new Artistic Director of the Saxon Wind Philharmonic, Thomas Clamor, began. In addition, since 2010 the academy, which sees itself as a nationwide network of specialized wind ensemble associations, will operate under the new name German Wind Academy (Deutsche Bläserakademie). And finally, as of May its new home will be in Bad Lausick, which was been chosen for its excellent geographical location within Germany, where the grand opening was celebrated on April 2011.

The Saxon Wind Philharmonic are sponsored by The Goethe-Institut

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