David Burton

David Burton

David Burton is the writer of over twenty professional theatre productions. In 2014, his debut memoir ‘How to Be Happy’ was awarded the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing and marks David’s entrance into the publishing world. ‘How to be Happy’ is an approachable and honest tale for young adult readers on depression, sexuality and growing up. It makes it’s long awaited release in August, 2015.

David was previously most well-known for the verbatim theatre work ‘April’s Fool’, which toured nationally in 2012. The work was published and shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards. The work details the true story of a young man’s death due to illicit drug use. It’s published by Playlab Press.

David’s artistic practice has frequently concentrated on community themes or social justice issues. He has worked with local indigenous communities and regional youth, along with Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre Company, and many other artistic organisations. This included Queensland Music Festival, where he was the writer and assistant director on ‘Boomtown’, the musical spectacular in Gladstone.

David’s ability to write and work for youth saw him as the in-house writer for Queensland’s longest running theatre company, The Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe. While there, David penned five plays that toured across the country to schools, making Shakespearean drama and Australian poetry accessible for school students.

In 2014, he was awarded ‘Young Alumnus’ and ‘Alumnus of the Year’ by the University of Southern Queensland. He can also be found through the popular vlog series ‘Ask Pew!Pew!’ on YouTube.

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