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We thank our 2017 Festival partners:


QMF provides significant opportunities for branding and publicity, as well as connecting audiences with our business partners. We invite your company to begin a new partnership with QMF by collaborating with us through:

  • Positive brand alignment
  • Access to state-wide and local audiences
  • Building awareness and giving back to the community
  • Broad media coverage – national and local
  • Recognition across an extensive marketing campaign
  • Promotional signage at events
  • Evaluation and research outcomes
  • Access to influential corporate and local, state and federal government representatives
  • Generous corporate hospitality and ticketing packages

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are widely understood to provide meaningful benefits to society and to a company’s business outcomes. QMF’s commitment to long term engagement and capacity building is a valuable investment in local people and local communities resulting in real and tangible social and cultural outcomes.

If your business is looking for a way to engage with the community and deliver benefits to both your organisation and to society, talk to us about linking your business strategy and CSR activities to QMF projects and events.

QMF provides an excellent return on investments made by our partners. Festival events strengthen local confidence, leave a substantial legacy of skills development and identify and bring together networks of local arts practitioners and community members. The outcome of this is a notable increase in the capacity of individual communities to be pro-active in the development of cultural activities in their own regions once the Festival has left town.

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For more information or to discuss partnering with QMF please contact the Business Development Director, Simon Buchanan on 07 3010 6613 or

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