The tale of a young, greedy chameleon who must run for his life to keep his prize – a large grub, eyed by a larger Kingfisher.

Running Time 3:10



Step 1 – Register for Score IT! and read the Director’s Notes on the film

Step 2 – Preview Greb and download the film from Vimeo

Step 3 – Read the criteria and create a musical composition to accompany your chosen film

Step 4 – Render the film with your composition synced and embedded as a Quicktime file

Step 5 – You can submit your composition by either downloading the entry form PDF and post your submission or complete the online entry form.

  • Post – Send your composition on DVD or USB with your completed Entry Form to: Score IT!, Queensland Music Festival, PO Box 1060, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
  • Online – Complete the online entry form and send your file via a file sharing service such as Dropbox. Save your file using your first name, surname and category eg. John.Smith.Junior


Competition Opens
Mon 23 Jan, 2017

Competition Closes
Fri 19 May, 2017

Awards Ceremony
Wed 26 July, 2017

Cameron Patrick Public Lecture (ticketed)
Fri 28 July 2017

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Directed by Naomi Scutts

This film follows the journey of Greb, a young chameleon, who in his search for a meal finds himself on an adventure. The perilous events that unfold see Greb tested at every turn, and the music that accompanies these obstacles should hold the viewer in suspense. The composition should convey danger and highlight the ongoing pursuit of Greb by the bird.

The scene where we see Greb trapped in the fast-flowing river and ultimately down the waterfall should be marked by frantic composition – enforcing Greb’s attempt to fight the current. Then, as his rival – the Kingfisher – picks Greb up, I want the audience to be initially relieved at his rescue, but for the music to change here to signify that this is not a moment of safety, but that he is still in danger. Deep, strong string elements would help to strengthen this.

The next scene, where we see Greb escape the bird’s back, should be marked by triumphant music (brass could be used here) that shifts to an increasingly suspenseful tone as we see Greb’s grub caught by the Kingfisher and offered to its babies.

As Greb makes a last desperate effort to hold onto his worm, the composition should be victorious – interspersed with percussive elements to highlight his fall from the nest.

Finally, we see Greb reach an uninterrupted moment where he can at last enjoy his well-earned meal. But they have endured too much together, and with fondness, Greb releases the grub back onto the ground. The music here should convey these emotions, of compassion and solidarity. Light strings and woodwind would suit this scene nicely. And then the worm is stepped on. This is a key moment to incorporate humour into the composition and explore the irony of the story’s ending. Be creative here, both instrumentally and melodically.

Overall, it would be great to see composers use contrasting themes throughout the entirety of their composition to highlight the differences and ever-changing moods.


1. The composer has skilfully manipulated musical elements and compositional devices to create cohesive music to support their chosen film.

2. The composition effectively and convincingly elevates the film, responds to the visuals and enhances the dramatic and emotional moments of the story.

3. The composer has presented an original and imaginative composition that is distinctive and demonstrates creativity and an understanding of film composition.

4. The composition demonstrates originality of soundtrack e.g. use of instruments (electronic or instrumental) and avoids the use of stock music or previously written or recorded music.


The judging panel will select three semi-finalists (and in some instances an honourable mention) for each category, from which one finalist per category will be awarded. The winning finalist will be announced at the Award Ceremony to be held in Brisbane on Wednesday 26 July 2017.

Judges will be scoring on the basis of:

20 % Musicality

10 % Technical Proficiency

25% Dramatic Tension

25% Originality

20 % Overall Excellence


Yes, you may enter Score IT! Junior and Score IT! Plus.

Yes, you can enter with a fellow composer.


  • Two return airfares to, and accommodation in, Brisbane for each finalist and supervising adult to attend the Award Ceremony on Wednesday 26 July 2017
  • Access to workshops and masterclasses on composition with Cameron Patrick and lecturers from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.
  • Workshop at PixelFrame on how to make a film.
  • Two tickets to the Cameron Patrick public lecture on Friday 28 July 2017


Score IT! is free to enter and does not have any registration or other fees.

If you choose to mail in your composition, all costs including DVD and mailing charges are the responsibility of each entrant.

Should airfares and accommodation not be required by finalists, other travel allowances may be made available. All food, incidentals and personal costs related to the Brisbane trip are at the cost of finalist.

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