To The Earth To The Sky

To The Earth To The Sky


Over two consecutive nights, Argo teamed up with QMF and Camerata to transform two of Brisbane’s unique landmarks with a dramatic and immersive double-concert experience.

Journeying underground in Brisbane’s heritage-listed Spring Hill Reservoir for To the Earth, audiences enjoyed a night of raw and explosive music for string quartet and cavernous spaces that drove them to the edge of their seats in its descent to the depths.

Set under the Planetarium’s Cosmic Skydome, To the Sky was a mesmerising and exhilarating night of music for strings, synths and stars that dissolved the world around audiences and took them to the far reaches of the cosmos.

To The Earth To The Sky was presented by Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane City Council, Argo and Camerata.

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To The Earth

7pm Saturday 8 July
Spring Hill Reservoir

To The Sky

6pm & 8pm Sunday 9 July
Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

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