An Experiment with Caucasian Chalk Circle

An Experiment with Caucasian Chalk Circle

A clever, funny reworking of Brecht’s story about love, war, destruction and justice – as seen through the eyes of two young people.

A chalk circle is drawn on the ground. But to whom does the ground belong?

Award-winning playwright, Marcel Dorney re-works Brecht’s classic tale of justice for a young audience.

Two actors walk on stage after watching a professional production of Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle. The pair begin to discuss the story they have just seen and soon become embroiled in their own retelling of Grusha Vashnadze’s journey, sharing with the audience her fight to save and raise an abandoned child.

An Experiment with the Caucasian Chalk Circle deconstructs this famous play, while simultaneously discussing Brechtian techniques and philosophies with the audience. Filled with contemporary references, this is a clever, funny reworking of Brecht’s story about love, war, destruction and justice – as seen through the eyes of two young people.


Learning Areas
The Arts


General Capabilities
Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social Capability
Ethical Understanding

Key Themes
Brechtian Techniques, Contemporary Performance of a Heritage Text, Epic Theatre

Accompanying Workshops

Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Inspired by  the performance visit this workshop provides professional development for generalist and non-arts specialist teachers. You will collaborate with a Flying Arts Artist to combine visual arts practice with a non-arts area of the curriculum, culminating in an artist-led workshop for your students.

Production Information

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Audience: Max 250 students per session

Presented by: QMF and Backbone Youth Arts

Original Story: Bertolt Brecht
Script/Director: Marcel Dorney
Designer: Maria Cleary

Staging Requirements

  • An indoor venue guarantees a better performance
  • Minimum 5m wide x 5m deep performance space
  • Access to a power outlet

More Information

“It was a fantastically rich production.” – Shalom College

“A fantastic show, beautifully performed. A great experience for our students.” – St Hilda’s School

“The energy by the actors really engaged the students. The contemporary adaptation was engaging and appealing for our students. The students now understand Brecht; it was a very valuable experience.” – Redbank Plains SHS

Recommended Grades
Year 7-12

Touring Areas
Term 2: Area A, B and C
Term 3: Area A, C and D

Touring Region

Booking Information

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