Benjamin & Me: Storytelling and Song

Benjamin & Me: Storytelling and Song

Three artist-led workshops to help your students respond to the performance of Benjamin & Me

Workshop 1: Tell Your Own Story
This workshop enables participants to tell their own version of Benjamin & Me using the characters and key thematic points as a starting point. Participants will be guided and encouraged to retell the story in their own words. Participants can retell their story through spoken word, writing it down or drawing a series of images, culminating in a shared show-and-tell in the final part of the workshop.

Workshop 2: Song-writing
Participants will be guided through a song-writing workshop using the characters from Benjamin & Me as a starting point. Participants are broken into groups of 4 or 5 to work on a part of the song. The collective parts are combined by the group, and then put to music by the performers from Benjamin & Me. The group performs and records the song and the recorded song remains as a reminder of the experience.

Workshop 3: Build Your Own Flying Machine 
Using materials in and around the classroom, participants will design and build their own flying machine based on the flying machine in Benjamin & Me. Each group will design a component of the flying machine, culminating in a final construction of the machine, which can be displayed in the classroom.

Workshop Information

Length: 90 minutes per workshop

Participants: 30 per workshop

Cost: $350 + GST

Workshop Requirements

Workshop 1 & 2 require markers and butcher’s paper. Participants can be seated on mats or in the classroom.

Workshop 3 requires the class to collect found objects or junk prior to the workshop experience to be used as the materials for building the flying machine. It also requires a hot glue gun and cable ties. A workshop or wet area is most appropriate.

Recommended Grades
Year 2-6

Touring Areas
Term 1: Area A, B, C, D


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This workshop accompanies the performance of Benjamin & Me or can stand alone.


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