Cape York Instrumental Program

Cape York Instrumental Program

Now in its fifth year, Queensland Music Festival’s (QMF) Cape York Instrumental Program (CYIP) is a partnership with the Cape York Academy (CYA) to deliver an instrumental music program on par with schools across the state.

The program, delivered to the three CYA school campuses in the remote Indigenous communities of Aurukun, Coen and Hope Vale, provides year-round artists-in-residencies, teacher mentoring, a seven-day band camp program and an opportunity for students to perform in public.

At the heart of the program is the aim to give students education experiences equivalent to their counterparts elsewhere in Queensland. The program also improves the transitioning capacity of students who will need to travel to larger centers for higher education.

“Our music program sits alongside our instructional program as being the two greatest achievements and having the greatest impact on our children. It is helping them thrive”. Dr Noel Pearson, CYA Chairman

The CYA School Band have previously performed at the Yarrabah Band Festival, Jazz on the Green and Tropical Jam as part of the G20 Cultural Celebrations.

2016 Dates

CYA School Band Performance Dates

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair
Sun 17 Jul, 2:40pm

The Cairns Show
Community Stage
Thu 21 Jul, 11:15pm

Band Camp Dates

15-21 Jul

Artist-In-Residence Dates

15-19 Feb
3-6 May
7-10 Nov

7-11 Mar
9-13 May
14-18 Nov

Hope Vale
14-17 Mar
16-19 May
21-24 Nov


Jane Hopkinson
Will Kepa
Ben Hakalitz

Students from the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts
Students from The University of Queensland

Queensland Music Festival would like to thank the following organisations for their support of the Cape York Instrumental Program

  • Smithfield State High School Jazz Academy
  • Tablelands Regional Youth Orchestra

Cape York Instrumental Program is presented by Queensland Music Festival and the Cape York Academy

Cape York Academy Bryan Foundation The University of Queensland  Seymour Whyte Logo_skytrans_monoAustralia Council for the ArtsFrazer Family Foundation    ACPA

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.                                                                                            


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