Inspired by slapstick legends Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, the side-splitting duo of Chores is coming your way. Two excitable brothers, are definitely, about to, almost, at some stage, maybe, do the chores their mother has asked them to do…

With highlights of skilled circus stunts and uproarious, interactive gags, and with very little spoken dialogue, the audience will find themselves  on the edge of their seats and giggling until the chores are done.

Chores is brought to you by Patrick Heilmann and Julian Roberts, the performers from The Leaping Loonies and Hoopla Clique. With collectively over 20 years’ experience, the exuberant talent of these two clowns redefines slapstick humour and showcases the true value of tenacity, teamwork, trust and cooperation through physical theatre.

This show gives students from Prep to Year 6, and Years 7 – 10, the opportunity to interact and respond to performance styles in slapstick, silent comedy and clowning.

“Students were engaged from beginning to end. Edge of the seat entertainment!”

“Arguably one of the finest quality performances presented by any artist in any genre in many years…Very professional/highly entertaining”

“All reviews from staff and students were extremely positive”


Learning Areas
The Arts
Health and Physical Education

Drama, Circus, Comedy

General Capabilities
Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social Capability

Key Themes
Acrobatics, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Teamwork and Co-operation

Accompanying Workshops

More information on workshop content and one day residency model can be found here.

Schools can choose from:

  • 1 day at your school: 3 workshops @ $400 per workshop
  • 1 day at your school: 1 Show @ $8 per student and 2 workshops @ $400 each

$800 minimum applies to show and the workshop price includes up to 40 students per session. Workshops can run with up to 60 students for $5 + GST for each additional student over 40.

We may be able to offer your school or after-school club a single workshop, dependent on existing bookings. Please contact the office on 07 3010 6623 to find out.

Production Information

Duration: 45 mins + Q&A

Audience: Max 300 students per session

Presented by: The Funologist Foundation

Performers: Julian Roberts and Patrick Heilmann

Staging Requirements

  • Stage size: min 6m x 8m
  • Ceiling height: Up to 6m clearance (preferred but is completely flexible)
  • Smooth floor surface (preferred)
  • Access to a power outlet

More Information


Patrick Heilmann and Julian Roberts are two world-class circus performers and acrobats that have performed in companies around Australia and the world. In 2016, Patty and Jules have been touring with the Youth Touring Program to schools all over Queensland with their show Chores.

Patrick is a graduate of The Flying Fruit Fly Circus and has been training and performing in theatres and Circus companies since the age of seven. Patrick has performed and taught all over Australia, including Kindred Circus, creating shows on marginalised communities, as well as teaching at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Flipside and C!RCA.

Julian studied with Stanislav Shchukin, (master clown of the Moscow Circus) at Circo Arts in New Zealand, where he earned a diploma in circus arts after mastering skills such as juggling, unicycling, mini-tramp and manipulation, though focusing mainly on acrobatics. Julian has trained both adults and children with C!RCA and Flipside Circus, as well as many private workshops, to earn his crust.

Recommended Grades:

Prep-Year 10

Touring Areas:

Call us on 07 3010 6623 to discuss

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