Connection to Culture

Connection to Culture

Choose from one day residencies or shorter workshops to connect your students to Indigenous culture.

One day residency

Start the day off with a dance performance in traditional dress for your whole school. Three lucky groups then get to rotate through your choice of workshops in Indigenous art, dance, boomerang, or place-making and tools.

1 hour workshop: Prep – Year 3

A highly interactive introduction to Gubbi Gubbi culture. Students learn Gubbi Gubbi words and put them into games and songs, watch how animal behaviour is observed in traditional dances, and shake their tail/feathers as the do animal dances of their own.

1 hour workshop: Year 3 – 8

Aboriginal culture does not have a written language. Storytelling is crucial to the passing down of knowledge and history. Explore storytelling through the medium of Indigenous art, dance and oral history in the interactive demonstration.

Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences
Health and Physical Education

Art form/Subject
Music/Visual Arts/ Dance

Cross Curricular Priority
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Workshop Information

1 day residency

  • $2000 + GST
  • 250 students for performance, and 3  groups of 30 for workshops
  • Performance space of 8m x 6m required
  • Classroom, hall or large outdoor space required
  • Access to power outlet required

1 hour workshops

  • $8 + GST per student ($800 + GST minimum)
  • 250 student maximum
  • Performance space and power outlet required as above

Recommended Grades
Prep – Year 8

Touring Area
Term 1: Area A and Area B
Term 2: Area A and Area C
Term 4: Area A

Touring Region

Booking Information

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