Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Be inspired by the performances on offer and enrich that experience further with a cross curriculum workshop tailored to your school’s needs.

Cross Curriculum Collaboration provides professional development for generalist and non-arts specialist teachers. You will collaborate with a Flying Arts Artist to combine visual arts practice with a non-arts area of the curriculum, culminating in an artist-led workshop for your students.

For students, this unique format offers a hands-on approach that appeals to a variety of learning styles and reinforces student retention of curriculum-based material.

For teachers, the collaboration will reveal rich insights into creative learning while also providing templates, support and resources for the development of cross curriculum lessons that engage students and enhance learning outcomes.

What could a cross-curricular extension workshop be for you?

Example 1: The Clown from Snowy River.
Link the development and changes over time in Australian history with our values and perceptions (Humanities and Social Science). Build students’ skills and knowledge in visual art incorporating making and responding, by creating a mixed media artwork that incorporates layers of history with visual art technical skills.

Example 2: Dinosaur Time Machine
Link to the Biological Science (Living Things: features, growth, change, adaption and the environment), students will create their own sculptural dinosaur using plant fibres, recycled materials. ATSI links will be made through responding to the Tjanpi Weavers and Erub weavers.

Cross Curriculum Collaboration is presented in association with Flying Arts Alliance

Workshop Information

Workshop length, cost and maximum participants by arrangement


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Specific requirements will be determined by workshop

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This can be used as an extension for any performance in this program.

“I will definitely incorporate this idea into the school’s Chemical Patterns unit… it was engaging for the students and allowed them to see the application of chemical reactions in a real-life context. It also tied beautifully as a link between our ecosystem unit and chemistry unit.” – Year 9 Science Teacher, Windaroo Valley State High School


Recommended Grades
Prep – 12 (Tailored to age group)

Touring Areas
Term 1 – 4: Area A, B, C and D

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