Dinosaur Time Machine

Dinosaur Time Machine

Two adventurous performers use science, circus, puppetry and imagination to give you a glimpse into history that you won’t forget.

Dinosaur Time Machine incorporates up-to-date science and discoveries made about dinosaurs and the environment that they lived in, and presents it in a fun and highly visual way, incorporating circus, puppetry, simple narrative and imaginative play in this unique educational theatre production.

The science doesn’t stop at paleontology, concepts such as geography and biology are also incorporated. And did we mention the life-sized baby T-rex?

Dinosaur Time Machine received Best Children’s Show 2015 from the Adelaide Advertiser and we are delighted to be hosting its Queensland premiere.

“Dinosaur Time Machine isn’t your everyday dinosaur show. It weaves factual information into the fun… circus and puppetry and audience interaction are all used to great affect… the charm of Dinosaur Time Machine lies in its ability to convey through simple means how science works” – Adelaide Advertiser

“It is educational, well done, and extremely entertaining” – Global Media Post


Learning Areas
The Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences


General Capabilities
Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social Capability

Key Themes
Storytelling, Puppetry, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Evolution, Geography, and Biology

Accompanying Workshops

Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Inspired by  the performance visit this workshop provides professional development for generalist and non-arts specialist teachers. You will collaborate with a Flying Arts Artist to combine visual arts practice with a non-arts area of the curriculum, culminating in an artist-led workshop for your students.

Production Information

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Audience: Max 250 students per session

Presented by: QMF and Highwire Events and Entertainment

Writer: Pablo Latona
Director: Pablo Latona & Elena Kirschbaum
Creative Producer: Elena Kirschbaum

Staging Requirements

  • Indoor Venue Preferred
  • 4m wide x 2m deep x 4m high performance space (if 4m height is unavailable the show can be adapted to accommodate a minimum 2.5m height)
  • Access to power outlet

More Information

“Combines the latest research with simple circus and puppetry to win over it’s audience. Adorable and interesting.” – Adelaide Advertiser Hitlist – Best Children’s Show

“Lots of hilarity… My son really loved the whole thing and even managed to remember some of the dinosaur related facts afterwards!” – Play And Go

Recommended Grades
Prep – 6

Touring Areas
Term 2: Area A, B, D and E
Term 3: Area C

Touring Region

Booking Information

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