Fair Play

Performed as a ‘Forum Theatre’, Fair Play is an interactive mix of live performance, collaborative discussion and problem solving, tackling bullying in schools.

Fair Play presents a variety of short scenes in which children are being bullied. Students are encouraged to discuss what is happening in the scene and why, and suggest what might have been done differently to produce a positive outcome.

Playing scenes out again, students can jump into action to practice what they would do instead; exploring possible courses of action and analysing the consequences of each choice. Discussions are guided by a facilitator, with the students themselves ultimately determining the best path in each situation.

Students learn that there is not ‘one correct answer’; instead there are a variety of actions that best suit their own situation and capabilities. Scenarios are practised in a safe space giving students knowledge and tools that they can use when similar situations arise.

Co-devised by renowned Queensland Educationalist and Theatre Practitioner, Dr Natasha Budd, Fair Play complements existing school anti-bullying strategies and aims to broaden children’s repertoire of behaviour. The aim is to equip them with the understanding and skills necessary to negotiate situations of bullying, which often occur out of sight of adults.

“I like just how most of it was true… I like that we can get up and change the play to make it better” – Year 6 student

Fair Play is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


Learning Areas
The Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences
Health and Physical Education


General Capabilities
Personal and Social Capability
Critical and Creative Thinking
Ethical Understanding

Key Themes
Applied Theatre, Forum Theatre, Bullying, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Identity

Production Information

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Audience: Max 200 students per session

Presented by: QMF and Fair Play

Director/Writer: Natasha Budd
Producer: Benjamin Knapton

Fair Play is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Staging Requirements

  • Indoor Venue Preferred
  • 6m wide x 4m deep playing area
  • Access to power outlet

More Information

This style of performance and peer education is called ‘Forum Theatre’ and it is particularly appropriate to the active learning needed to support young people’s social and emotional learning in this area.

According to child psychiatrist, Adam Blatner, ‘mental hygiene’ approaches are needed for young people to respond to bullying. “This means learning not just information, but more importantly, skills of interpersonal problem solving, communications, and self-awareness. Active practice is necessary in order to acquire the many component skills in these three categories, and that means an experimental form of education.”

“Some kids really do that sort of thing… the actors were great and I liked the thought of the play” – Year 3 student

Recommended Grades
Years 1 – 3
Years 4 – 6

Touring Areas
All Terms: Area A

Touring Region

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