Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken

According to legend, many, many years ago there was a great gathering of animals, right slap bang in the middle of Australia. You see, many of the animals felt they were more special than all the rest. This is the story of how they decided, once and for all, who was the most unique.

Join author Chris Collin for a live presentation of his books and a personal insight into the workings of an author.

Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks was in the 2014 Premiers Challenge Reading Book List in Qld, NSW and Victoria and was shortlisted for the 2014 SPA (Speech Pathology Australia) Book of the Year Awards.

There are a number of presentation options available. These include:

Option 1 – Out of this World Author Visit (recommended for Prep- Year 3)

With the help of his partner Nadia and their funky puppet friends, this presentation is a fun, interactive, literacy-based experience designed to invite young children to read for the joy of reading. Through story-telling, puppets, singing and dancing, plus an art activity, the students will be mesmerized and inspired to keep reading and writing!

Option 2 – Journey of a Dreamer (recommended for Year 4 – Year 6)

An interactive presentation and Q&A which provides a first-hand insight into children’s publishing from the perspective of an independent publisher. Students will be challenged and inspired to pursue their own dreams. The session culminates in a classroom production of Funky Chicken: The Play, where students will become actors for a day!

“This is an outstanding and original production. The bold coloured, vibrant illustrations are expressive and funny; I laughed my head off!” – Kids Book Review


Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts

Art form/Subject

Year Levels
Foundation – Year 6

Key Themes/Context
Classic Storylines, Stand-off, Creativity and Imagination, Gesture, Character, Expressive Skills, Posture, Facial Expression, Articulation, Improvisation, Dramatic Action, Collaboration, Transformation, Roles and Relationships, Improvisation, Narrative Structure, Voice

Primary Content Descriptions

The Arts: Drama
F – Year 2: ACADRM027, ACADRM028, ACADRM029, ACADRR030
Year 3 – Year 4: ACADRM031, ACADRM032, ACADRM033, ACADRR034
Year 5 – Year 6: ACADRM035, ACADRM036, ACADRM037, ACADRR038

F – Year 2: ACELT1575, ACELT1577, ACELT1783, ACELY1646, ACELY1784, ACELT1579, ACELA1433, ACELA1439, ACELT1581, ACELY1655, ACELA1787, ACELT1582,ACELY1656, ACELT1584, ACELT1585, ACELY1660, ACELT1587, ACELT1589, ACELT1590, ACELT1592, ACELA1469
Year 3 – Year 4: ACELT1594, ACELY1676, ACELT1599, ACELT1600, ACELA1483, ACELT1602,
ACELT1603, ACELT1605
Year 5 – Year 6: ACELT1612, ACELY1707, ACELA1518, ACELY1801

General Capabilities & Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Literacy Critical and creative thinking
Ethical understanding

Touring Areas

Term 2: Area 1 and Area 6
Term 3: Area 1

Touring Region Map

School Touring & Booking Information

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Production Information

Duration: 50 mins + Q&A
Audience: Max 150 students per session

Produced By: Funkybooks Publishing
Performers: Chris Collin and Nadia Rabiller
Illustrations By: Megan Kitchin

Staging Requirements
Two tables (approx 1m x 1m) and two chairs for presenters
Access to projector and screen (if available)
Access to a whiteboard and whiteboard markers (Option 1 only)
A4 sheets and/or butcher paper plus colour pencils/crayons/markers

Accompanying workshops available

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