Future Dreaming

An exciting exploration of Australia’s fascinating history with music, dance and storytelling that spans over 100,000 years.

We are lucky to live on the lands of one of the oldest cultures on earth and Future Dreaming explores the history and knowledge of Australia’s Indigenous culture. Wisdom has been passed down through generations to help us live harmoniously with each other and nature, and this is something students from all backgrounds can share in.

The cast, from different heritages, come together to perform, explore and share the meaning of traditional songs and dance, giving students the opportunity to learn more about Indigenous culture and Australia’s past, and a vision of how all Australians can come together.


Duration 50 minutes +10 minute Q&A
Maximum 250 students per session
Performance space 4m x 4m
Access to a power outlet required

Curriculum Links

KLA’S: The Arts, English, Humanities and Social Science

General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capabilities, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural

Conventions and Styles: Music, dance, storytelling, narrative, language

Themes/Concepts: Indigenous culture, dreamtime stories, environment


  • $8 per student +GST
  • A minimum charge of $800 +GST per performance (equivalent to 100 students)

All of our performances are the same price for all regions. We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about providing quality Arts experiences to all Queensland students, so if your school has less than 100 students, please consider combining with another school or contact the Youth Touring team to discuss your options.

Full Terms and Conditions

Add a Workshop

An Indigenous dance workshop that will teach students traditional movement and
facilitates them to choreograph their own routines.

Cost $350
Maximum 30 students
60 minutes duration

AREA A B C and D

Presented by Youth Touring and Eagles Nest Theatre Company



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