Junkyard Beats

In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into extraordinary musical instruments and unwanted junk comes alive in exciting and surprising ways.

Two highly energetic music-in-education performers combine drumming, dance, theatre and comedy to create a unique, interactive and captivating experience.

Drawing on inspiration from everyday life, performances teach invaluable skills including rhythm and movement drawing on body percussion and music produced out of recycled materials and everyday objects.

Providing excellent cross-curricular links between The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Junkyard Beats educates about sustainability and the environment while integrating musical knowledge and skills. Through this dynamic performance students will ignite creative thinking and environmental awareness. Junkyard Beats provide students with the tools to express emotions and to channel energy in a fun, unique and supportive way.

Visiting Queensland schools for the first time, Junkyard Beats offers an exciting experience that is guaranteed to be memorable and educational.


Duration 60 minutes including Q&A
Maximum 250 students per session
Performance space 4m x 4m
Access to a power outlet required

Curriculum Links

KLA’S: The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education

General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capabilities, Ethical Understandings, Intercultural

Conventions and Styles: Drumming, body percussion, interactive

Themes/Concepts: Sustainability, percussion, rhythm, physical and mental wellbeing


  • $8 per student +GST
  • A minimum charge of $800 +GST per performance (equivalent to 100 students)

All of our performances are the same price for all regions. We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about providing quality Arts experiences to all Queensland students, so if your school has less than 100 students, please consider combining with another school or contact the Youth Touring team to discuss your options.

Full Terms and Conditions

TERM 2 & 4
AREA A B C D and E

Devised/Directed/Producer: Oded Prior



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