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Now Playing

Part discussion and part performance, Now Playing is a collaborative lecture designed to motivate and inspire students to apply a collaborative approach in any aspect of their work.

Now Playing provides students with a direct insight into the working relationship of two of Australia’s most esteemed choreographers, Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood. These two artists have over fifty years experience in dance-theatre and have created work that has toured the world.

Now Playing weaves between open and frank discussion, live performance, student participation and video footage to discuss a myriad of topics which include:

  • creative relationships in the arts that are key to artistic freedom
  • self-belief and sustaining courage
  • unlocking the keys to inspiration
  • creativity and innovation, and
  • risk taking and the freedom to fail

At the heart of this production is a sense of play as a motivating force. It encourages students make and respond to their own impulses rather than being led by others.

This performance can be booked in two formats:

  • 60 minutes: session includes a small amount of participation
  • 90 minutes: an extended session including a 30 minute workshop where students respond and are guided through physical tasks intersecting with the themes being discussed

This is a unique opportunity for students to explore, engage with and further their knowledge of dance in contemporary contexts as choreographers and performers.

Students will evaluate the creative process of dance making and how to achieve and maintain success working in the arts. It creates a wonderful space for teachers and students to discuss and analyse the idea of what performance is and what it can be.

“Their teamwork was amazing, their approach to the world inspiring, and their creative processes are mind blowing. After they visited, I couldn’t help but brag and share my experience!” – Sarah Wang, senior student

Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts

Art form/Subject
Dance in Practice

Year Levels
Year 7 – Year 12

Secondary Content Descriptions

The Arts: Dance
Year 7 – Year 8: ACADAM016, ACADAR018, ACADAR019
Year 9 – Year 10: ACADAM020, ACADAM022, ACADAR025, ACADAR026

General Capabilities & Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Critical and creative thinking
Personal and social capability
Intercultural understanding

Key Themes/Context
Choreographic Skills, Teamwork, Improvisation, Collaboration, Articulation, Movement, Posture, Technical Skills, Expressive Skills, Relationships, Courage, Personal Identity, Intent, Communication, Creative Procedures, Purpose, Dance Performance, Production, Core Skills for Work, Industry Knowledge and Skills in Real-World or Lifelike Contexts, Sustainability of Practices in the Arts, Aesthetic, Brechtian Techniques,

Touring Areas

Term 4: Area 1

Touring Region Map

School Touring & Booking Information

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Production Information

Duration: 50 mins + Q&A, or 90 minutes including workshop
Audience: Max 200 students per session

Production Company: The Farm

Staging Requirements
Stage size: 6m wide x 8m deep
Ceiling height: preferred 6m clearance
Access to a power outlet
Projector screen or a white/grey wall that can be projected onto
Table for projector
Smooth surface preferred
An indoor venue guarantees a better performance

Accompanying workshops available

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