Spirit of the Mask

Spirit of the Mask

The Spirit of the Mask is a classic Commedia dell’Arte production created by renowned practitioner Tony Kishawi. Presented as a combined interactive performance and workshop, this production allows students to explore the conventions and structures of this traditional theatrical style and demonstrates the essential elements of creating successful Commedia.

Through a physical demonstration, students will explore comedy and mask performance and will gain valuable insight into the use of mask in performance.

Characters showcased include the Zanni, the Lovers (Inamorati), Il Capitano, Il Dottore and Pantalone. Commedia conventions explored include lazzi, burle, canovacci, improvisation, audience interaction, status relationships and heightened physicality.

Homunculus Theatre Company have 10 years experience delighting and inspiring audiences across Australia and overseas.

Accompanying workshops with actors (for both students and teachers) can be tailored to unit outcomes in Commedia dell’Arte, traditional and contemporary clowning, Mask, Physical Comedy, Slapstick and Stage Combat, Visual Theatre, Physical, Theatre and Circus, and Clowns in Shakespeare.

“I thought it was an excellent introduction to Commedia dell’Arte and mask work. I saw some of my students completely transformed once they were on stage with mask on. I thought the tutors were outstanding. This was a brilliant show and I would book it again next year” – All Hallows School

Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts

Art form/Subject

Year Levels
Year 7 – Year 12

Secondary Content Descriptions

The Arts: Drama
Year 7 – Year 8: ACADRM040, ACADRM041, ACADRM042, ACACRM043, ACADRM044, ACADRR045, ACADRR046
Year 9 – Year 10: ACADRM047, ACADRM048, ACADRM049, ACADRM050, ACADRM051, ACADRR052, ACADRR053

General Capabilities & Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Critical and creative thinking
Personal and social capability
Ethical understanding

Key Themes/Context
Commedia dell’Arte, Mask, Physical Theatre, Comedy, Contemporary Clowning, Non-Verbal Communication & Mime Slapstick, Visual Comedy, Physical Theatre, Mime, Acrobatic, High Status, Low Status, Clown, Spirit, Heightened Physicality, Permission, Upside Down, Classic Storylines, Stand-off, Creativity and Imagination, Gesture, Character, Expressive Skills, Posture, Facial Expression, Articulation, Improvisation, Dramatic Action, Collaboration, Transformation, Roles and Relationships

Touring Areas

Term 2: Area 2
Term 3: Area 1, Area 4 and Area 6
Term 4: Area 1, Area 3 and Area 5

Touring Region Map

School Touring & Booking Information

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Production Information

Duration: 50 mins + Q&A
Audience: Max 250 students per session

Production Company: Homunculus Theatre Co.
Devised by: Ben Cornfoot, Tony Kishawi and Brin Pritchard
Directed by: Tony Kishawi

Staging Requirements

Stage size: 5m wide x 5m deep
Access to a power outlet
An indoor venue guarantees a better performance

Accompanying workshops available

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