The Didjeribone Show

Returning by popular demand …

The Didjeribone Show is a uniquely interactive combination of cultures, technologies and sounds presented by Brisbane based and internationally renowned didgeridoo performer Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka Tjupurru.

Tjupurru’s use of ancient and modern Australian musical inventions such as the Didjeribone (a cross between a didgeridoo and trombone) and Facebass, with the addition of sampling and electronic effects allows him to perform as a one man band. He creates live samples and uses looping technology to create songs and soundscapes that crisscross music genres.

Through storytelling and music, Tjupurru shares his inspiring personal journey, the history of his culture and the Djabera Djabera tribe and the expressions of Aboriginal art and music, enriching a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture.

Teachers and students have the opportunity to hear instant results of their shared music making abilities as well as developing a wider appreciation for traditional and cultural arts.


Duration 50 minutes +10 minute Q&A
Maximum 1,000 students per session
Performance space 4m x 4m
Access to 240V power outlet
One small desk or table

Curriculum Links

KLA’S: The Arts, English, Humanities and Social Science

General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understandings

Conventions and Styles: Music, interactive, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture

Themes/Concepts: Traditional and cultural arts, music and technology, storytelling


  • $8 per student +GST
  • A minimum charge of $800 +GST per performance (equivalent to 100 students)

All of our performances are the same price for all regions. We are a not-for-profit organisation passionate about providing quality Arts experiences to all Queensland students, so if your school has less than 100 students, please consider combining with another school or contact the Youth Touring team to discuss your options.

Full Terms and Conditions

Add a Workshop

Tjupurru will introduce you to the world of looping technology. This interactive workshop will teach students how to layer and create sounds on the looping machine using either instruments, their voices or both. At the end of the workshop the looping machine is yours to keep and integrate into your music programs!

Cost $350
Maximum 20 students
60 minutes duration


Written/Devised: Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula
Charlie McMahon, inventor of Didjeribone, Facebass and Programming



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