The Didjeribone Show

The Didjeribone Show

The Didjeribone Show is a unique combination of cultures, technologies and sounds presented by Brisbane-based and internationally renowned musician Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka Tjupurru.

Playing a unique slide didgeridoo named ʺThe Didjeriboneʺ (a cross between a didgeridoo and a trombone), and with the addition of sampling and electronic effects, Tjupurru performs as a one-man band; creating live samples and looping them to create songs and soundscapes that criss-cross musical genre.

Students contribute as he interacts with them to create ingenious and innovative songs and sound-scapes that blend elements of the traditional with the contemporary, using a combination of sequencing and sampling technologies along with traditional instruments and live organic sounds.

Teachers and students have the opportunity to hear instant results of their shared music-making abilities as well as developing a wider appreciation of Indigenous culture.

Primary students will be delighted by Tjupurru’s story-telling and musical knowledge; strengthening their understanding of Indigenous culture and history, as well as rhythm and music making. Performances are easily adapted for groups of students with special educational needs.

Secondary students can further explore an in-depth cultural musical history, infusing ancient music with modern technology. Creative musical ideas and technical aspects are demonstrated throughout the show, and an interactive live looping element teaches excellent arranging skills to music and technology students.


Learning Areas
The Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences

Media Arts

General Capabilities
Intercultural Understanding
Critical and Creative Thinking

Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Key Themes
Story-telling, Traditional and Cultural Arts, Modern Music Technologies

Accompanying Workshops

Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Inspired by  the performance visit this workshop provides professional development for generalist and non-arts specialist teachers. You will collaborate with a Flying Arts Artist to combine visual arts practice with a non-arts area of the curriculum, culminating in an artist-led workshop for your students.

Production Information

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Audience: Recommended max 300 students per session. Contact us to discuss larger numbers

Presented by: QMF and Didjeribone

Written/Devised: Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula

Staging Requirements

  • Indoor Venue Preferred
  • 3m wide x 3m deep performance space
  • Access to power outlet

More Information

“The students loved it. The performance was high powered and extremely entertaining. Tjupurru was enthusiastic and this transferred to the students – fantastic show!” – Telegraph Point, NSW

“It was interesting and fun to see Aboriginal Culture expressed and presented in a modern form. An awesome show!” – Northlakes Primary School, QLD

“His mix of music, story telling and connecting with students creates one of those wonderful experiences that enriches all our lives.” – Orara High School, NZ

Recommended Grades
Prep – 6
Year 7 – 12

Touring Areas
Term 1: Area A
Term 3: Area A, B, C, and D

Touring Region

Booking Information

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