The Technology Show

The Technology Show

Join the attendees of a Technology Anonymous meeting on a buzzing ride through their lives as they delve into their daily technological addictions.

Acclaimed theatre-in-education company, Squid Stamp, return to Queensland with their dynamic, high-energy, comedic sketch show that explores how the i-Things and Whatsagrams of the 21st century are used, and sometimes abused, in everyday life.

The Technology Show helps students get social media savvy whilst giggling about their gadgets and questioning their tech habits, contributing to their social and emotional learning by delivering important information about cyber safety, digital citizenship and modern technologies. Plus, it’s in 3D!

Through presentation and open discussion, the show gives students the opportunity to consider the use and impact of technology on equity, and personal and social values, and helps them to make informed and ethical decisions about the role, impact and use of technologies.

Winner of the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival Best Kids Show Award.

“Fast-paced, wildly entertaining and doesn’t patronise its audience. Students were laughing along, recognising themselves and engaging with the themes in a way that can only be achieved through live theatre!” – Brunswick Secondary College


Learning Areas 
The Arts
Health and Physical Education
Humanities and Social Sciences

Media Arts

General Capabilities
ICT Capability
Critical and Creative thinking
Personal and Social Capability
Ethical Understanding

Key Themes
Impact and Use of Technologies, Communication, Cyber Safety, Fact Checking, Knowledge vs. Information, Bullying. Social Issues, Social Media, Benefits of Technology, Friendship, Self Esteem

Accompanying Workshops

Cross Curriculum Collaboration

Inspired by  the performance visit this workshop provides professional development for generalist and non-arts specialist teachers. You will collaborate with a Flying Arts Artist to combine visual arts practice with a non-arts area of the curriculum, culminating in an artist-led workshop for your students.

Production Information

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Audience: Max 250 students per session

Presented by: QMF and Squid Stamp

Devised and performed by Squid Stamp. Squid Stamp are Samantha Wojcik and Isabelle Clara Mason.

Staging Requirements

  • An indoor venue guarantees a better performance
  • Minimum 5m wide x 5m deep performance space
  • Access to a power outlet

More Information

“It made me think about what technology might be like in the future, and makes you question if you use technology too much and if you do, how you can get help to control how much you use it” –Charlize, Year 7

“Relevant themes, spot on…I loved the whole show!” – Killester College

“Very relevant up-to-date content that really resonated with the students” – Padua College

“Great show, very topical and powerful” – St Stephens Lutheran College

Recommended Grades
Year 5 – 6
Year 7-12

Touring Areas
Term 2: Area A + Coastal Queensland

Touring Region

Booking Information

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