Thoughts Have Feelings Too

Thoughts Have Feelings Too

Thoughts Have Feelings Too is a gentle and funny performance that teaches students how to think positively about the feelings they experience in their day-to-day lives in a primary school environment. Students will meet two clowns: Sweet ‘Clown’ and the absent-minded ‘Professor’. Through focussing on happy, sad, anger and fear over four scenes, the clowns discover how to recognise each emotion and simple steps to deal with them. This dynamic show promotes positive self-talk and interaction, and is a valuable tool for schools to discuss emotions in a positive and light-hearted way.

Devised in close consultation with teachers and child health specialists, Thoughts Have Feelings Too premiered for the opening of Mental Health Week celebrations in Brisbane in 2008. It toured with Artslink, Queensland Arts Council in 2009 and 2010 to sell out audiences! The Homunculus Theatre actors also offer accompanying workshops for both students and teachers in Traditional and Contemporary Clowning, Mask, Physical Comedy, Slapstick and Stage Combat, Visual Theatre, Physical Theatre and Circus, Clowns in Shakespeare. Many more styles are available on request.

The best performance that I have ever seen – very entertaining. Very professional. Very talented! Most appropriate material! Great presentation! Impressive!” – St Francis Xavier School

Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts
Health and Physical Education

Art form/Subject

Year Levels
Foundation – Year 6

Primary Content Descriptions

The Arts: Drama
F – Year 2: ACADRM027, ACADRM028, ACADRM029, ACADRR030
Year 3 – Year 4: ACADRM031, ACADRM032, ACADRM033, ACADRR034
Year 5 – Year 6: ACADRM035, ACADRM036, ACADRM037, ACADRR038

Health and Physical Education
Year 1 – Year 2: ACPPS017, ACPPS018, ACPPS019, ACPPS020
Year 3 – Year 4: ACPPS033, ACPPS034, ACPPS035, ACPPS037, ACPPS038
Year 5 – Year 6: ACPPS051, ACPPS055, ACPPS056, ACPPS060

General Capabilities & Cross-Curriculum Priorities
Critical and creative thinking
Personal and social capability
Ethical understanding

Key Themes/Context
Traditional & Contemporary Clowning, Non-Verbal Communication & Mime, Storytelling, Creativity and Imagination, Confidence, Resilience, Self Esteem, Gesture, Character, Expressive Skills, Posture, Facial Expression, Articulation, Improvisation, Dramatic Action, Visual Comedy, Collaboration

Touring Areas

Term 2: Area 2
Term 3: Area 1, Area 4 and Area 6
Term 4: Area 1, Area 3 and Area 5

Touring Region Map

School Touring & Booking Information

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Production Information

Duration: 45 mins + Q&A
Audience: Max 300 students per session

Production Company: Homunculus Theatre Co.
Devised by: Ben Cornfoot, Tony Kishawi and Brin Pritchard in collaboration with Mental
Health specialists
Directed by: Tony Kishawi

Staging Requirements
Stage size: min 5m x 5m
An indoor venue guarantees a better and more intimate performance.
An outdoor venue requires a minimum of one wall
No power outlet is required

Accompanying workshops available

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