Tribal Voices

Tribal Voices

The Nyunga-Nyunga is a symbol of cultural history and represents a sense of identity and purpose to the people of Zimbabwe, particularly those of the Shona tribe. Students will experience the joy of Zimbabwean music in the Mbira tradition and learn African songs, rhythms and stories through playing the Nyunga-Nyunga thumb piano, Hosho rattle shakers and hand drums.

With this performance students will make and respond to songs, ancient teachings and folk tales that are among the oldest in Africa.

Tichawona Mashawa is an internationally renowned musician from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe . His personal approach to his performance speaks sincerely to the audience. His original compositions are diverse and adventurous, some full of lyricism and drama, others gentle and comforting. He represents contemporary Australian multicultural diversity through his music and the intense dance groove of the African metropolis.

He has taught, collaborated and performed with various musicians and artists for over a decade. He has featured on numerous multimedia/film projects, has performed at the National Folk Festival in Canberra and is a regular feature artist at The Woodford Folk Festival. He has become an ambassador for the continent of Africa’s diverse rhythms and melodies.

“One of the most imaginative and captivating emerging musicians from Africa now based in Brisbane.” – The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton)

Australian Curriculum

Learning Area/s
The Arts

Art form/Subject

Year Level
Foundation – Year 6

Primary Content Descriptions

The Arts: Music
F – Year 2: ACAMUM081, ACAMUM082, ACAMUR083
Year 3 – Year 4: ACAMUM084,ACAMUM085, ACAMUM086, ACAMUR087
Year 5 – Year 6: ACAMUM088, ACAMUM089, ACAMUM090, ACAMUR091

General Capabilities and Cross-curriculum Priorities
Critical and creative thinking
Ethical understanding
Intercultural understanding

Key Themes/Context
Elements of Music (Rhythm, Pitch, Dynamics & Expression, Form & Structure, Timbre, Texture), Aural skills, Listening, Performing, Found Sound Sources, Form and Structure, Tone, Technical Skills, Storytelling, Resilience, Self-esteem, African Folklore, Histories, Traditions and Conventions of Music from World Cultures, Music Practices Across Global Communities

Touring Areas

Term 3: Area 1
Term 4: Area 1

Touring Region Map

School Touring & Booking Information

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Production Information

Duration: 60 mins
Audience: Max 300 students per session

Performers: Tichawona Mashawa and Velvet Pesu

Staging Requirements
Stage size: min 5m x 5m
Stage size: 3m x 4m
Access to a power outlet

Accompanying workshops available

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