Unrepresentative Swill

Unrepresentative Swill

Sing, Prime Minister

In this brand new, distinctive work, Queensland’s own Topology and The Australian Voices bring provocative text and exceptional musicianship together to create a musical narrative inspired by famous speeches delivered throughout Australian history.

Composed by Topology’s masterminds Robert Davidson and John Babbage, alongside musical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton, the performance traverses pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. Unrepresentative Swill takes the words right out of our Prime Ministers’ mouths — from Menzies’ Declaration of War to Whitlam’s Well May We Say; Gillard’s Misogyny speech to Abbott’s A Stain on Our Souls — marrying them seamlessly to an overlay of stirring music and choral work.

Narrated by author, comedian and TV personality Adam Spencer, this powerful, thought-provoking performance is not to be missed.


“The chance to share a stage with Paul Keating, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Julia Gillard, Malcolm Fraser, Tony Abbott and the like only comes around once in a lifetime. With a dash of Jacqui Lambie thrown in… bring it on!” Adam Spencer

29 Jul 8pm 2015

WheelchairHearing Loop

Concert Hall QPAC
Grey St, South Brisbane


Ticket Prices

Adult $59
Concession* $40
Student $35
Under 30’s $30

*Pensioners, Seniors

Ticket price includes GST and Booking Fee. Transaction Fees may apply. qtix 136 246

Unrepresentative Swill is presented by Queensland Music Festival and Queensland Performing Arts Centre in association with Brisbane City Council, Topology and The Australian Voices.

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