Vocal Health for Teachers

Vocal Health for Teachers

Vocal Health for Teachers with QMF Youth Touring Program Artists

Over one third of teachers report experiencing vocal problems during their career and a fifth report missing work due to voice troubles. For actors the voice is also a vital tool but one which they are trained to take care of.

Let our on-tour performers take teaching staff at your school through a quick 60-minute session at the start or the end of the school day. Practice a simple vocal warm-up that will help prepare your voice for the rigours of the day ahead. Learn about breath control and diaphragmatic support to help you project your voice with ease, and lessen the strain on your vocal chords.

Put these tools into practice and see the difference it makes to your vocal health.

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Length: 60 minutes

Participants: Up to 30

Cost: $250 + GST

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Available on demand throughout the year

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