Qld Music Trails

A world-first music tourism experience.

2023 - 2025

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Project Overview

Qld Music Trails is a world-first music tourism experience that invites visitors from around the world to discover the wonders of Queensland’s natural beauty, through itineraries of iconic music events in amazing and unexpected locations.

Each regional music trail will feature a broad musical style that best evokes its distinct geography and, in a state with such a diversity of amazing outdoor locations, the annual trails calendar will include something for everyone. In 2023, eight different regional and metropolitan places will play host to bespoke music experiences across trails in the Outback, Far North, and South-East of Queensland.

Artists from around the world will feature along the Qld Music Trails, although special attention will be drawn to Queensland’s established icons and emerging musical talent.

QMF has delivered music events in partnership with over 100 Queensland communities across its 23-year history. A study of the 2021 Outback Music Trail pilot by the USQ Institute for Resilient Regions and AEC Economics demonstrated that the Qld Music Trails model has the potential to create significant social, cultural and economic value for Queensland communities.

QMF will work closely with the rest of the tourism sector to deliver Qld Music Trails, blending world-class music events with the dazzling array of regional experiences on offer throughout Queensland to create truly unique visitor offerings.

Qld Music Trails will be a mind-blowing travel experience, but at its heart and soul is a sincere desire to make a meaningful contribution to the story of Queensland. These events will put Queensland places on the global map and evolve perceptions of what the word ‘Queensland’ means.

QMF Chief Executive Joel Edmondson


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