City Symphony Credits

A River of Voices

King George Square

I am the River
Written and Performed by Anisa Nandaula

Maiwar Chorus
Words and Music by Eve Klein

feat. Eve Klein, Oliver Samson, Suzanne Coburn, Gail Mercer and Voices of Birralee: Izabella Cehajic, Joshus Clifford, Joanna Craddy, Johanna Davie, Andy Francis, Simon Garrett, Bree Gillies , Mark Gillies , Kate Holley, Paul Holley (Artistic Director), Peter Ingram (Project Conductor), Samuel Irvine Casey, Kate Leinenga, Kynan McInnes, Samuel Mosely, Rohan Osborne, Tina Paliadelis, Madeline Paulsen, Emma Salmon, Catherine Tuppurainen, Julia Vedelago, Luke Woodrow

The Meeting Place

Queen Street Mall

written and performed by Hope D

written and performed by Jesswar

Hollow Drum
written by S Pickett, D Lowe & C O’Reilly performed by Ella Fence

Free Yourself
written for City Symphony, lyric and performance by Barefoot Boys
Music and Prod. by Taitu'uga Kitch Wesche

Migraine Mentality
written and performed by Benjamin Maza and Alinta Jacki McGrady of Balairi

written and performed by Naavikaran and Liz Puah for City Cymphony
Prod. by Elise Reitze-Swensen

written by LEONE N/LIDDLE L/PROBERT W and performed by The Ancient Bloods

I Guess I was the Rebel One - Taitu'uga Kitch Wesche
Black, Bold and Aiming High - Aunty Bridget Garay
Queensland Theatre Young Artists' Ensemble (Years 8–12)

Warning: May contain explicit content.

Many Cultures of Brisbane

Reddacliff Place

Musical Response
created by Anthony Garcia (Classical Guitar), Dheeraj Shrestha (Tabla), Greta Kelly (Shahkeman & Violin), Takako Haggarty Nishaburi (Japanese Koto), Justin Bullock (Double Bass)

Special thanks to the Welcome Dinner Project Contributors
Andrew Kancachian, Aram Kancachian, Roselle Tenefrancia, Nicolette Lowe, Karen Young, Rahim Mohammadi,Manaali Manoharan, Bruno Rodrigues Silva,Marici Hanashiro, Bridget Garay, Huihui (Kairos) Lan, Ka Man Fabian Lam, Sophia Anderssen, Jorge Nieto

New Place of Protest

Queens Garden

I See
Words and Music by Eve Klein

Special thanks to the young people of Brisbane who shared their climate concerns: Violette Colarelli, Zoe Grahl, Henry Harris, Johnathon Martin, Caitlin McNamara, Declan Mead, Josh Pinksker, Amelie Vidgen

Featured Speeches:
António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General). 2020 Columbia University, New York, United States of America. Audio provided courtesy of United Nations Web TV.
Greta Thunberg. 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, New York, United States of America. Audio provided courtesy of United Nations Web TV.
Sir David Attenborough, People's Advocate for #COP26, Address to World Leaders | Climate Action. Audio provided courtesy of United Nations Web TV.

Also featuring the voices of - Ella Weisbrot, Climate Council researcher, Andrew Bray, director of RE-Alliance, and Ariane Wilkinson. 2021 Supercharging the Sunshine State: Webinar Series - REZ & My Community \\ Climate Council.

Audio provided courtesy of Climate Council of Australia Ltd.

Our Lost World

City Botanic Gardens

Your Ghost My Pulse
Words and Music by Kate Miller-Heidke & Keir Nuttall
Commissioned by QMF for City Symphony
Inspired by Simone Eisler's "Museum Of Our Lost World", 2021

The Bone Girl
written by Helen Marshall
performed by Ruby Donohoe

A Call to Maiwar

Goodwill Bridge

Anonymous contributions from the people of Brisbane.
Musical Response by David Hudson (Didgeridoo)

Welcome to Country performed by Ashley Ruska
Didgeridoo performed by Aaron Ruska

12 Observations Along George Street

George Street

written by Kathleen Jennings
performed by Penny Everingham, Kevin Spink and Hsiao-Ling Tang
Musical Response by Eve Klein

Rahim's Story

Albert Street

Musical Response by Cieavash Arean (Various Instruments)

Bright Skies

The Bunya Walk

Bright Skies Music by Eve Klein
Words by Ravi Glasser-Vora
Natural recordings by Graeme Chapman

Special thanks to Pip Boyce, Louisa Sankey, Ruby Newport, Rebecca Day, Joshua Welter and Dave Burton.


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